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Daniel Craig & Eva Green by Greg Williams

21st June 2014 0:52
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Star Trek AOS AU || Oliver is a patient in a mental institution that believes he was pulled from the Enterprise and away from his role as Spock during a horrendous away mission. Although his resolve begins to crumble, Cassie enters the asylum as a patient and pulls him back together again, because she’s the woman he’s been waiting for - she’s Nyota Uhura.

"I was right."
“Right about what?”
“You are the one.”
“The one?”
“Yes, the one that will help me, help us, get back to the Enterprise, Leutenant Uhura.”

20th June 2014 16:30
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Amongst the whirlwind of excitement over Diagon Alley announcements, we wanna take a moment to remember Sirius Black, who was killed during the Battle of the Department of Mysteries 18 years ago today. His death left many feeling heartbroken but served to remind readers that the casualties of war have no respect of persons and anyone can be lost without a moment’s notice. RIP to a friend, a godfather, and a brave marauder.

18th June 2014 16:30
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Fangirl Challenge  [01/10] Ten Fictional Couples
James Bond & Vesper Lynd

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