18th March 2014 16:30
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No, but what gets me in this movie

is that every woman is beautiful to Giselle.

Women who wear suits and aren’t cute and petite. Women with wide hips and large rear ends and small breasts. Women who are black and white and every other ethnicity she came across, I’m sure. Women with straight hair and natural hair and grey hair. Older women and middle-aged women and young women.

Everyone is beautiful to Giselle. There’s no reason anyone wouldn’t be beautiful. There’s no reason beauty should ever be just one thing, that being a princess should ever be just one thing.

Everyone is a princess to Giselle, and if one of the princesses politely corrected her and said they were a prince she’d probably nod earnestly and talk about how dashing and handsome they looked too.

8th December 2013 16:30
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I combined Katy Perry’s Roar with Sara Bareilles’s Brave.
and they’re legitimately the same song.
I didn’t even have to cut gaps or anything. 
ruh roh katy perry. 

27th November 2013 16:30
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[video] [h/t: rraaaarrl]

Good instincts, squeaker.

6th September 2013 16:30
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Ryan is just as helpless as the rest of us.


13th July 2013 16:30
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Do you think Russell T. Davies ever looks back at what happened to the groundwork he set up in the first four seasons of the reboot of Doctor Who and cries a bit

4th July 2013 16:30
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I”m going to pick the fastest ship in our fleet.  I’m going to choose the fifty best killers on the Iron Islands.  I’m going to sail up the Narrow Sea all the way to the Weeping Water.  I’m going to march on the Dreadfort.  I’m going to find my little brother.  And I’m going to bring him home.

3rd July 2013 16:30
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The first time that Shae met Sansa, she was like, “I don’t want to be here with one of these rich, spoiled girls,” but now, I think she would die for this girl. She would do anything to protect her. She’s like an older sister to Sansa. - Sibel Kekilli

1st July 2013 16:30
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Sometimes it lasts in love but 99.999% of the time it hurts instead: Nick/Jess

“Look, I know you think we should call it, but I don’t want to give up on this, even if we don’t know what this is. i want to un-call it. Please, can we un-call it? Before you say no… Don’t say no.”